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What is your booking process like?

My books open once every 2 months. The exact date that my books open will be determined by me and will be listed on my Instagram page and website. Once my books open, a booking form will be activated and can be accessed underneath the "appointments" tab. This booking form will be active from midnight 12am-10pm that day. Once the form closes, I take the next day or two to review the submissions. After that our front desk will be calling those who've been selected to book the appointment. If you miss the call, no worries, we'll leave a voicemail. Clients must call back by a certain date to book the appointment otherwise your chance is forfeited. The exact deadline to call back is listed in the submission form.

Triple check that your phone number and email is entered correctly when submitting a request. Make sure that your voicemail box isn't full either. If we're not able to reach you to book then we will move on to the next submission.

Once you've confirmed an appointment time with our front desk, go to the "appointments" tab and fill out the "deposit form". The form and deposit must be completed and sent by the time and date listed in the form, otherwise the appointment is forfeited. 

The way that I book is not for everyone, and that's fine, but I will not compromise on any of my policies. This is what has worked for the last 2 years.

How do I book an appointment?

Submit a booking form when my books open. The form can be found underneath the "appointments" tab. 

Why do you only book appointments for 2 months?

This allows me to maintain a good work/life balance. If I booked everyone that came my way, my life would be planned out for the next year at least and I would eventually burn out and ruin my mental health. 

Can I book for multiple people?

Yes, just submit one form for everyone involved. 

Can I get more than one tattoo per session?

Yes! Please include all ideas in one form but keep in mind it is not guaranteed that I will be able to do all of your ideas. 

What type of tattoos are you more likely to book?

My interests change with each booking period, but I always enjoy:

- Microrealism

- Swoopy script (on its own)

- Vintage illustrations

- Funky objects (thimble, chess piece, hot sauce bottle)

- Botanical style illustrations

- Tastefully morbid imagery

- Pet portraits!!!

What kind of designs are you less likely to book?

I will not take on any design that I don't enjoy doing, or if it is out of my skill set. This can include:

- Coverups of large/dark tattoos

- Full comprehensive sleeves

- American traditional

- Large scale color tattoos

- Large scale realism

- Portraits of loved ones

- Tribal designs

Do you offer flash or do you do custom work?
I am mainly doing custom work at the moment. Any available flash will be shared underneath the "flash" tab. 

Do you accept walk-ins?

Nope, I do everything by appointment. 

Do you have a waitlist?

Unfortunately I will no longer have a waitlist as of April 1st 2023. After having a waitlist for the past few months, I've found that the majority of people that I reach out to are not able to make it. It just became too time consuming to sift through the waitlist to see who is available when, so starting April 1st 2023, any last minute openings that I need filled will be announced and booked through my Instagram stories. I recommend turning on story notifications if you were not able to get into my books!

I submitted a form for multiple booking rounds, why haven't I gotten in yet?

I do my best to get as many people in as I can each booking round, but I'm just one person and I have a limited amount of time. If you weren't able to get into my books, it could be due to a variety of reasons. I usually receive over 300 appointment requests per round, and I am simply unable to accommodate everyone. I choose submissions that align with my tattooing style, and from that point onwards it is completely random. If I turned down your idea it does not mean that I hate your idea.

Do you offer priority booking to people who haven't gotten into your books yet?

Unfortunately not. The only case where I allow clients to pre-book their appointments is for flash designs, or if their tattoo is unfinished in some way (e.g. only bloodlined, shading is half finished). My selection process completely random to keep things as fair as possible. 

Are there any other artists that I can go to?

Absolutely! Please don't wait around for me if you're not able to get in my books, I can't guarantee a time frame where I would be able to get you in, so go ahead and check out some of the artists down below. I can't speak for them in terms of what kind of projects they're taking on at the time or if they'll take on your specific project, but all of them have similar styles to mine. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with their booking guidelines and procedures before reaching out to book.  







@k_inx (has a story highlight with fine line artists from the Milwaukee/Chicagoland area)

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